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My Philosphy

To some, a mortgage is simple: Funds are needed from a lender, bank or other institution in order to fund their transaction. It is something that is cut and dry, and saving a couple of bucks on the transaction — no matter how difficult — is their sole intent. This is perfectly fine, however what these individuals are missing out on is experienced advice and direction to not only the transaction at hand, but also future guidance in their mortgage wants, needs and possibilities. Below is my philosophy.

Snowy Mountain Peaks


The term “Guide” is thrown around very loosely these days. However, I believe that having a Guide is instrumental in achieving the best outcome for just about everything that we encounter. Purchasing a home is no different. Having experts at your back – both a real estate agent and a financing expert — is extremely useful in navigating the sometimes winding road that is a home purchase transaction.


The most common metaphor I use is that of a Sherpa. Over 800 individuals attempt to climb Mt. Everest each year, and just about every single climber carefully selects a Sherpa as an experienced guide to lead them on their journey. Although the climber is ultimately completing the physical feat themselves, the Sherpa’s input on necessary tools, the optimal route(s) and base camp locations, and timing of their daily trek are instrumental in creating the best conditions to complete the journey as safely and efficiently as possible.


These are pretty obvious advantages, however I would argue that Sherpas provide the largest benefit in one specific type of occurrence — when things go wrong. Unexpected challenges are sure to arise during a journey to summit, and having a guide who is native to the area, experienced on the geography and is able to think critically through the known difficulties will allow them to anticipate potential problems before they arise.


Although problems during a purchase transaction may not prove physically hazardous as they might on Everest, they will definitely bring frustration and more importantly can be very costly to the buyer. Without changing our name directly to “The Mortgage Sherpas,” it is our goal to provide the exact same advantages and safeguards that a Sherpa provides their climbers. It is crucial to have someone representing you who can thoughtfully identify any potential issues and get you to the summit as efficiently as possible.


Any mortgage will unquestionably be a foundational pillar to an individuals financial well-being. Some will even argue that it is the single most important.


For most, this will not be the last home that you purchase and, for any buyer, their mortgage will be something that gets revisited periodically depending on the path that your life takes you. Our goal is be a resource to you not only on your current financing, but to your future mortgage needs.

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